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we would like to introduce you to the projects and developments of Most of our developments will lead to software products which are of use to a broad range of businesses. Others, based on our and our partners experience result in personal and impersonal services, mostly for large corporations. Also we offer solutions to the Internet community.

Below is  a showcase of our recent developments. Take a minute and evaluate, what we have for you. If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

Recent Developments
Software System Visualization 3D Software System Visualization brings transparency into large software system develpoed with Java or .Net. View the system structure and its dependencies. Simulate the message flow and make test coverage visible.


3D Market View 3D-Market View is a new way to look at an entire equity market. It combines state-of-the-art 3D technology and Wall Street's market actions.


AddQin AddQin (former QBAutomation) enhances Intuit's QuickBooks with advanced functions. Send invoices, statements and other items by email. Import transactions into your accounting. Use the merchant and virtual terminal functions for credit card processing with Authorize.Net and other payment gateways. Start automating your Accounting


Paycent Paycent is Pay by Link technology for credit card payments in the Web.

 PayCcent Pay by Link


More Technology projects
DigitalEnvelope We developed Digital Envelope to protect your email. This small tool adds privacy and security to all your email conversations.
BINNGG BINNGG merges messaging via SMS,  interaction via the WEB and location based services.
TimeAccount TimeAccount Web-based Time & Expense Management

We are proud to present our workflow oriented time and expense management application. It is best suited for all businesses that have a need to know where time and money is spent for.

TimeAccount is multilingual and thus supports all language requirements you and your people may have.
JoinNow Surf 'n Chat : The Join-now Virtual Meeting Point
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